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Attorney Ed Perez
Lic. Eduardo Perez
Family Petitions
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Removal Defense
Domestic Violence & Crime Victim Resources
If you have been arrested due to your immigration status you may need help with getting released on bond, and you will need help defending yourself in Immigration Court.  The government has their own lawyers trying to remove you from the U.S., however, in Immigration Law THE COURT WILL NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH A FREE LAWYER.  A 2016 study showed people who had an attorney were up 10 times more likely to win their cases than those without representation. NY Times, 8/13/19.  Fighting in court is how I got my start as an attorney, and winning is how we have earned our client's trust. 
Family petitions are processed by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).  These are complicated processes that can bring serious consequences if they are not handled properly.  Under the Trump administration this legal form of immigration has gotten more risky as the agency is more and more prone to deny petitions rather than seek to resolve them.  This can lead to a petition getting referred for removal from an Immigration Judge.  Too many people come to see me after a Notary Public has ruined their petition.  We can help you do it right the first time, or help you try to resolve an on-going matter.
At the Law Offices of Ed Perez, P.C., we provide legal representation that is prepared to meet the specific needs of our clients because no two cases are the same.

We offer affordable and flexible payment plans for a variety of services including:
When a person, or their children, are the victim of certain crimes, including domestic violence, they may be able to obtain immigration benefits that can lead to legal status in the U.S.  As a former police officer and prosecutor who dealt with many of these kinds of situations, I have the knowledge to help my clients gather the evidence needed to prepare my client's case for the best possible outcome.
DACA (Dreamers)
Appeals (9th Circuit Court of Appeals & BIA)
In 2012, President Obama started the DACA Program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).  DACA recipients are commonly known as DREAMERS.  This program temporarily prevents removal of certain people that were brought to the U.S. as children.  DACA also allows Dreamers to obtain a work permit.  President Trump has tried to eliminate DACA but the courts have prevented those attempts while the matter is being decided by the Supreme Court.  For now, Dreamers can only renew their DACA status... new DACA applications are denied.  Unfortunately, many DACA renewals get denied because the applicant made mistakes doing it themselves or they were the victim of Notary Fraud (Notaries that claim to offer immigration services). I can help you do it right the first time.

If you are a Dreamer come see me for a FREE consult so we can explore your options, and have a plan ready if DACA is eliminated as an option for you.
If you have been denied relief in Immigration Court, you have the right to appeal that decision and possibly remain in the U.S. while your case is being reviewed.  However, you must act quickly before the right to appeal expires.  As a former appellate attorney for the government, I recognize these are complicated matters that need to be addressed quickly and carefully.  I do not recommend fighting an appeal on your own.  The government will have experienced attorneys fighting for them, you should have somebody who has won fighting for you too.

We handle appeals with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).
Work Permits, Work Visas
Work permits are available for people who have pending petitions with immigration agencies.  We help clients get new permits and renewals.  This process can take several months so it is important to do it right the first time.

Work Visas allow people from outside the U.S. obtain lawful entry into the U.S. for specific work-related activity.  If you are a worker, or an employer looking to hire somebody, schedule a consultation to discuss your options.
Permanent Residency & Citizenship
Immigrants can obtain permanent residency (green card) through many different ways.  It is extremely important to proceed with these petitions carefully because mistakes can result in lost time, money, and even being permanently barred from becoming a resident or citizen.
Background Checks
I never want to be surprised by the government when I am representing my clients.  A good attorney always seeks to gather the most information possible to prepare his/her case.  For this reason we take the time to diligently seek background information from various agencies... FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and local authorities. We will gather the necessary information BEFORE we proceed on our client's case so we can be sure to avoid unnecessary risks to our client.
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