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About Attorney Ed Perez
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in a very diverse community.  There I learned that people from different ethnic backgrounds had more in common than they had differences.  As a kid, I did not really recognize that I was surrounded by immigrants.  My parents, who were undocumented immigrants from Mexico, spoke very little English but later became proud U.S. Citizens.  Our landlord was from India, our neighbor's fled from El Salvador, my dad's boss was Italian, my mom's boss was Chinese, the corner store was owned by a family from Iran, and the new kid in school was a Vietnamese refugee.  This is where I learned to appreciate the immigrant... because the immigrants became my community.

As a former radio/tv personality, I learned about the power that media has on public perception and how important it is to have an effective message to present on behalf of my clients.  My years as a Deputy Sheriff, and later as a County Prosecutor, gave me insight as to how our criminal justice system actually works (or doesn't) from the inside.  This knowledge causes me to ask the questions, and consider alternatives, that other attorneys do not... leading to better outcomes for my clients.  

My job is to tell my clients the truth about their case, not to tell them what they want to hear.  From these experiences I am able to give my clients honest opinions about their situation because my advise is based on having been on the opposite side of our case.  I know what the government is capable of doing, what their limits are, and I know what they will argue against us.

I used to work for large law firms with fancy offices but I knew that was not the right place for me.  I never want to be forced into taking a case because I need to pay for those fancy offices and a large staff. When you hire the Law Offices of Ed Perez, you are hiring ME.  I am your attorney.  You will not be passed onto another attorney who you have never met and doesn't know your case.  My clients can call me or text me 24 hours a day.  However, I cannot help everyone.  In situations where I am not the right attorney for you, I can often refer you to somebody who is a better fit.  If you are ready for an honest discussion, I look forward to speaking with you.
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